Offering Hydronics Adds another Dimension to a Contracting Business

Hydronics is simply the use of water to transfer [heat] from one medium to another. For many contractors, offering these services has extended a worthy return on investment. GETTING INVOLVED The big question for most contractors is whether hydronics will be a viable addition to their businesses, especially considering first-cost obstacles that may seem too steep to overcome. For many, location is key. “I became involved with hydronics in 1995, when I went to work for my father’s company selling Infloor Heating Systems as a manufacturer’s representative,” said Michael Wilburn, president, Infloor Heating Systems, Buena Vista, Colorado. “I also worked for… READ MORE

New and Improved Infloor Residential Design & Installation Guide Now Online

We are continuously looking to provide you with the best information about Infloor, our products and services, projects, best practices, and installation processes.  One of the most comprehensive tools we offer is the Infloor Residential Design & Installation Guide, providing installers, architects, builders, planners, or anyone interested, a more in-depth look at what we do and how we do it best. The guide also offers a step-by-step installation process for all the Infloor products, complete with diagrams, visual concepts, and full color product images. If you want to know more about radiant heating, give our Residential Design & Installation Guide… READ MORE

Electric Cable Heating Gets Smart

More and more homeowners are saying goodbye to their cold floors with Electric Cable radiant heating, which continues to gain popularity as a room-to-room heating option for new construction and remodels. Bathrooms, entrance ways, kitchens, and laundry rooms alike have become welcoming to bare feet thanks to Infloor electric cable heating, and smart technology is taking the experience, and energy savings to new heights.