Infloor Snowmelt systems can be installed in a concrete slab, and can be insulated for on-demand systems or un-insulated for idling systems. Mechanical systems can be installed when the concrete is poured or later, allowing for expansion and easy installation of the rest of the system in the future.

When installing a Snowmelt system in a concrete slab, the procedure is similar to running radiant heat in a building’s slab.  The slab can either be insulated (for on demand systems) or un-insulated (for idling systems or solar assisted systems) and will have the tubing attached to the wire reinforcement mesh or re-bar in the slab.  Concrete is then poured directly on top of the tubing and mesh.

Once it’s all installed, you’ll never have to shovel snow again.

SnowIceMelt_TubingChart Diagram_SnowIceMelt_Concrete