Infloorboard is a radiant flooring system that is designed to be installed on top of a subfloor application. It’s constructed of a dense composite board covered with aluminum that spreads the heat evenly and quickly. Infloorboard heats rapidly and is easy to control, providing quicker response times than standard concrete or gypcrete systems. It contains enough thermal mass to be effective, but not so much that it is difficult to control. Infloorboard is only 5/8″ thick, allowing installation on an existing floor with minimal changes to existing floor heights. It works well with almost any floor coverings, including hardwood, tile, and carpet. Infloorboard saves on work, materials, time, and money when compared with other thermal mass options.

No other product combines the performance, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness of Infloorboard.

• Low-profile and light weight for easy installation

• Thin, dense board with an aluminum layer means quick heat acceleration

• Planet friendly made of recovered and recycled materials, with recyclable wood and aluminum alloy

• Cost effective installation with no curing delays, joist upsizing, or double plating

• Simplicity of tubing installation – preset pattern takes the guess work out of tubing placement, with pre-drilled channels the tubing snaps right into




Infloorboard Specifications

Dimensions: each board is 16″ x 48″ x 5/8″ thick

Square Footage: 5.333 square feet per board

Weight: 13.3 pounds per board; approx. 2.5 pounds per square foot

Recommended Product Mix: Straight 70%, Combo End 15%, Utility End 15%; allow 10% for waste

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