Understanding Hydronic Heating Options

Hydronic (liquid-based) radiant heating systems are the most popular systems we provide. They are ideal for large areas, entire homes and buildings, new construction, and snowmelt systems for outdoor use. These systems use little electricity, which is a benefit for homes in areas with high electricity prices or are off the power grid.

Hydronic radiant heating works by running warm water through durable PEX or PERT tubing that is installed in the floor and is heated by a boiler, water heater, or additional ‘green’ options such as solar or geothermal solutions for increased energy savings. A boiler can run on natural gas, propane, heating oil, electricity, or wood.

We offer four installation options for hydronic heating: Infloorboard, Concrete, Therma-floor, and Radiant Trak. Each of these installation methods offer unique advantages and features. So which option is best for your project?



Infloorboard is our premier thermal mass product for hydronic radiant heating applications with existing concrete slabs or where gypcrete (Therma-Floor) cannot be used. The low-profile, lightweight 3-panel system was designed with the installer and end-user in mind, with more efficiency and responsiveness, and is compatible with standard construction practices. It is ideal for new construction and remodeling alike.

Infloorboard install 5

Embedding a radiant heating system into a concrete slab is one of the most effective ways to install it and most energy-efficient, being that concrete is a great thermal mass. This is the best choice for new construction and areas receiving new slabs.


Therma-Floor (Gypcrete)
One of our most common and effective installation applications is Therma-Floor, commonly known as a gypcrete. The gypsum underlayment is designed to pour over tubing, encasing the tubes in crack resistant, noncombustible gypsum, acting as the thermal mass. Therma-Floor systems can be used in many different situations, because it can be installed on top of subfloors and concrete slabs, whether existing or new.

Its special formula resists breakdown up to 150ºF (66ºC). And because it’s poured only 1-1/4″ (32 mm) thick, the heating system is more responsive and more comfortable. As a “green” building material, Therma-Floor is an ideal solution for sustainable building projects.


Radiant Trak
Radiant Trak is the ultimate product for under-floor radiant heating applications, providing an alternative installation to slab, gypcrete, or Infloorboard. This type of installation is most commonly found in retrofit applications.

It works by attaching high-quality aluminum plates between the joist spaces on the underside of the subfloor, which tubing snaps into, providing a heat transfer between the plates and the subfloor, warming the entire area. Radiant Trak is perfect for older homes or remodel projects, and can be utilized for floor warming or primary space heating.