LoopCAD 2016 is Here

LoopCAD 2016 has been released and is now available for download. This is a free upgrade for licensed users with an active subscription. Below is a summary of the new and enhanced features. For more on LoopCAD’s features and capabilities, visit their website at www.LoopCAD.com/Features.

Supply/Return Distribution Piping

  • Specify the Supply/Return Piping to connect each manifold to the boiler room or water supply source
  • Includes options for PEX, copper or steel pipe
  • Generates head loss reports and materials lists

Automatic Check for Updates

  • This feature will periodically check for program updates, and if found notify you on the Main Menu
  • You choose when you want to download and install the updates

New Main Menu Design

  • The Main Menu has been redesigned with support added for new web-enabled features such as Check for Updates and Latest News

Mirror Drawing Function

  • This function allows flipping of the entire floor plan drawing along any axis

Move Floor Plan Function

  • You can now easily adjust the alignment of your drawings

Manual J Eighth Edition Version 2.5

  • Updated to the latest ACCA® Manual J version

Multiple Tube Spacing

  • Both Quick Design Mode and Spreadsheet Design Mode now support multiple tube spacing’s within the same room

New Custom Table Fields

  • Custom Room Tables now provide the option to include the room volume, perimeter, and floor covering type