Must-Have Elements for Building a Sustainable New Home

When someone builds a home for you, you have the opportunity to make it as sustainable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient as possible. Not only are sustainable homes more cost-effective over the long term, they have a smaller environmental impact, and can be more appealing to home-buyers when you’re ready to sell and move. In fact, more than half of Realtors report consumers are interested in sustainability, according to the National Association of Realtors’ REALTORS and Sustainability report. What’s more, 70 percent say a home’s efficient use of energy is important to potential buyers.

The Eco-Friendly Side of Infloor Radiant Heating

Infloor radiant heating is a healthier way of living… for us and the planet. Our low energy heating solutions are ideal for use with renewable energy sources and helps reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. It is the most energy-efficient heating method available, operating at lower temperatures, enabling optimal efficiency of the heat sources too. The U.S. Dept. of Energy reports that radiant systems can cut heating costs by 25% to 50%.

And the Winner is…

Congratulations to Kirn Wildhaber for winning the $50 American Express gift card for completing our Customer Survey! Kirn has worked with Enertech Global, based in Greenville, IL, for the past 7 years, and currently provides design and application services for contractors who are installing Enertech’s geothermal equipment. Enertech Global is a leading manufacturer and visionary in the geothermal heating and cooling industry. Learn more at

Infloor Visits Nebraska & Iowa

The week of July 14, Michael visited Infloor customers and distributors in Nebraska and Iowa. For half of the week, he traveled around Iowa with Jeremy Lang of Enertech Global. “It was great traveling with Jeremy and getting to meet his customers who are doing a lot of radiant heating,” Michael shared. One of their stops included Ken’s Electric in Oelwein, IA, who has a showroom with a working geothermal system that heats their shop during the winter using Infloor Heating Systems radiant heating powered by geothermal.