We proudly work with Warmboard; a superior product that combines a structural subfloor and a thermodynamically sophisticated radiant panel into an elegantly simple system. As a subfloor, Warmboard is installed and the tubing laid before other construction takes place, eliminating the need to design the system around interior walls. Warmboard, though, doesn’t limit anything. You can choose any type of floor covering you want. You can nail hardwood or carpet tack strips right to it, or attach tile underlayment right over it.

With Warmboard, the same labor that used to install just a subfloor, installs a major portion of your radiant system. And as the panels are installed, the modular channel pattern automatically produces the tubing layout that requires more time with other systems. A roll of half-inch PEX Aluminum PEX tubing (the radiant industry standard for toughness, reliability and performance) is then easily snapped into the channel to complete the hydronic circuit. The lowered labor cost designed into Warmboard saves you money throughout construction. With this design, Warmboard provides a versatile and very effective system for any new construction.

Infloor Heating Systems does not sell Warmboard directly. Warmboard is sold directly to the consumer by Warmboard. Please visit their website at www.warmboard.com to learn more or place your order. A Warmboard representative is happy to assist you with this product.



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