The Eco-Friendly Side of Infloor Radiant Heating

Infloor radiant heating is a healthier way of living… for us and the planet. Our low energy heating solutions are ideal for use with renewable energy sources and helps reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. It is the most energy-efficient heating method available, operating at lower temperatures, enabling optimal efficiency of the heat sources too. The U.S. Dept. of Energy reports that radiant systems can cut heating costs by 25% to 50%. READ MORE

Infloor Featured in Plumber Magazine

We are thrilled to be included in Plumber Magazine’s recent article highlighting hydronic radiant heating and boiler products. Infloor’s Radiant Trak was featured, among other great industry products from Bosch Thermotechnology, Taco, Watson McDaniel Co., and more. READ MORE

Willburn Family History in Pre-Fab Work

The Willburn family has a rich legacy in the plumbing and heating industries, dating back to the 1950’s and continuing through today. And the idea of pre-fabricated work has been a part of the family’s business strategy all along. Infloor continues this legacy by specializing in prefabricated products, such as our custom-made mechanical boards for hydronic radiant heating systems. By doing the work in advance, it saves us, and you, time, money, and labor.

We have an article from 1960 that was written about our grandfather Frank Willburn that we’d like to share with you. It talks about the time saving methods he used in his business over four decades ago, and the results he had with them. Read it below. READ MORE

Custom Crates Cradle Infloor Products

We want to ensure our parts and products get to you the same way they left us. For example, we build custom crates around our custom-made, pre-fab mechanical boards for shipping. Recently, we shipped one to a homeowner in Michigan to be used with a Warmboard, Inc. application. They were so thrilled with it, they sent us a note, with pictures, to let us know, which said: READ MORE

Infloor Closed Friday, July 3

We will be closed on Friday, July 3 in observance of our national Independence holiday. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, July 6.

Offering The Best Radiant Heating Systems Available

Infloor Heating Systems specializes in designing, implementing, and providing all the products and information you need for the best radiant heating systems on the planet. We are a pioneer in the industry, perfecting our craft since 1984. We offer a complete line of high-quality, long-lasting, energy-efficient hydronic and electric radiant heating systems, and snowmelt systems, with additional environmentally-friendly solar and geo thermal options. READ MORE

Rapid Response Time with Infloorboard III

The next generation of hydronic radiant heating installation methods is here, with the release of our new product, Infloorboard III, now available. The low-profile, lightweight 2-panel system was designed with the installer and end-user in mind, with more efficiency and responsiveness, and is compatible with standard construction practices. It is ideal for new construction and remodeling alike.

No other product offers this combination of performance, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness. “This is our premier thermal mass product for hydronic radiant heating applications with existing concrete slabs or where gypcrete (Therma-Floor) cannot be used,” said Michael Willburn, President of Infloor Heating Systems. READ MORE

Feel the Comfort of Warm Floors with our New Electric Cable Heated Displays

Do you sell and/or stock Infloor Electric Cable? Then our new Electric Cable Heated Table Top Display is a must-have for your business! The compact, electric heated display units easily plug into any outlet, and are a fantastic way to share the experience and feel of radiant heating, first-hand, with prospective clients, giving them a touch of the comfort that only warm floors can provide. And as you know, comfort is one of the top reasons people love Infloor radiant heating so much. There is also information on the back to help guide the conversation on the benefits of electric cable radiant heating. READ MORE

Earth Day is Every Day

We love the Earth, and our radiant heating systems are one of the “greenest” options available, especially with solar and geo thermal additions. READ MORE

Breathe Easier at Home with Radiant Heating

April showers bring May flowers… and allergy season. If you struggling with allergies, radiant heating could be worthwhile alternative to heating your home, helping you breathe easier there. READ MORE