Infloor Heating Systems® Expands Product Line

The evolution of the Infloor product line is now with the addition of pre-assembled stainless steel manifolds. The high-quality, extremely efficient, and easy-to-install manifolds are a great compliment to the family of Infloor components. And you are going to love the features and benefits!

“We are thrilled to welcome this first-rate addition to our product line, which seems to be a preferred component across the country by contractors,” said Infloor President Michael Willburn. “The completely assembled stainless steel manifolds are crafted in Italy, known for taking great pride in quality, and comes with the mounting brackets already attached, and a built-in integrated flow meter option to further reduce your costs.”

Infloor pre-assembled Stainless Steel manifolds are used to distribute heat-transfer fluid throughout a hydronic radiant heating system. They can be used in traditional radiator systems, and innovative under-floor radiant systems. Made of stainless steel, they are particularly suitable for heating systems, allowing all of the project parameters to be controlled, providing the perfect balance of each outlet. This avoids any unnecessary waste and ensures an elevated level of thermal comfort.

In the complete version, the manifolds are equipped with flow rate regulation valves (flow meters), with preset cut-off valves set-up for electro-thermal actuator-control and with drain and air vent units. As an alternative to flow meters, it is possible to request the installation of regulation lock shields.

“Thermal Actuators are an excellent addition to the manifolds, providing individual loop control, allowing you to control multiple zones from one manifold,” said Michael.

Thanks to their increased cross-section, the bars that comprise the flow and return manifolds allow elevated flow rate values to be obtained. If necessary, a differential by-pass can be installed between the flow and return manifolds: this reduces any over-pressure in the circuits to a minimum, protecting the service life of all of the parts and avoiding bothersome noises in the rooms where the heating system is installed.

Infloor stainless steel manifolds, available with 1” main connections, can be housed in 90mm-deep metal cabinet. This provides an extremely significant advantage: the cabinets have a similar depth that can be positioned not only in the perimeter walls of the building, but also in the inside dividing walls. This translates into maximum freedom of choice for designers and installation technicians.

“They also come with the temperature gauge already included on the supply and return lines; no longer an additional option,” said Michael. “The benefit of having them tells you the differential temperatures across the manifold, to ensure you are getting a good flow rate and temp drop. For example, if the temperature goes out at 120°F and returns at 100°F, it shows there is a 20°F delta-t, which means the floor is absorbing too much heat.”

“We continue to strive to be more competitive in the marketplace, said Michael, and continue to expand our high-quality product line for further benefit our customers,” he concluded.

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Highlights of Infloor Stainless Steel Manifolds

High Resistance to Corrosion

Absence of internal stresses due to cold processing (no stress corrosion cracking). Metallic continuity with the other components, in the event of next generation radiating systems (absence of electrolytic corrosion).

Extreme Lightness

Up to 50% lighter than a brass manifold of the same size.

High Flow Rate Levels

Up to 50% higher compared to compact manifolds made of composite material. Up to 20% higher compared to brass manifolds.

Good For High and Low Temperature Systems

Suitable for underfloor radiant heating systems and radiator systems.

High Mechanical Strength

AISI 304L steel features a tensile strength of 520 N/mm2 – while CW614N brass (used for manifolds) features a tensile strength of 430 N/mm2.


Technical Specifications

Each pre-assembled Stainless Steel Manifold consists of:

  • 1 return manifold in stainless steel AISI 304L with shut-off valves preset for electro-thermal actuators
  • 1 flow manifold in stainless steel AISI 304L with flow meters
  • 2 complete metal brackets
  • 2 shut-off ball valves
  • 2 unions with thermometers
  • 2 end pieces with air vent valve and drain cock.
  • Available on demand with deeper mounting brackets.
  • Available size: 1”
  • Maximum working pressure: 6 bar (10 bar for installation test)
  • Maximum working temperature: 158°F
  • Threads: ISO 228 (equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228)
  • Outlets: from 3 to 13, 3/4”
  • Outlet center distance: 2″


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