Universal Digital Temperature Gauge on Sale

Universal Digital Temperature Gauges (#30120) are now 10% off for a limited time! It offers you a low-cost way to incorporate a temperature gauge into a hydronic heating system without having to cut into the integrity of the system. It can also be used in a solar and geothermal heating system, replacing regular temperature gauges. Now’s the time to encourage your customers to upgrade to a digital temperature gauge, if they haven’t already.

The microprocessor-based digital temperature gauge represents the next generation in temperature gauges. The bold, hi-contrast LCD display ensures accurate temperature reading to the tenth degree and can be easily read from a distance. It replaces two mechanical temperature gauges, simultaneously displaying the accurate temperature of two locations, for supply and return. Additionally, the solid state temperature sensor probe can be extended up to several hundred feet. Other features include Min/Max memory which shows the highest and lowest temperatures after the last time the unit is reset and instant Fahrenheit to Centigrade conversion. The unit is designed to be powered by 24VAC input or by lithium battery, which keeps the unit working during power failure.

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