The Gift of Housing in Haiti

Every year we donate a portion of our proceeds to different organizations that focus on helping people in need. One of those organizations is Food For The Poor, located in southern Florida. They are focused on providing food, housing, emergency relief, and much more to the poorest of the poor throughout 17 Latin American and Caribbean countries. “We do our best to meet the needs both physical and spiritual, as well as at the individual, family, and community level,” they share.

One of their focus areas is provide safe housing. Around the world, millions live in unsafe shacks and huts. Donations go directly to building safe and secure new homes, providing cement for new home foundations, and installing windows and other furnishings that help make a house into a home.

Last year, our donation to Food For The Poor went towards building a home for the Jeudy Family (pictured) of Croix-Des-Bouquets, Haiti. We couldn’t be happier to see the results and the smiles on their faces!

“It is important to give back and help those less fortunate have a chance to succeed in life,” said Michael Willburn, President of Infloor Heating Systems. “My dad used to volunteer his time to these causes, and we are happy to continue that tradition today.”

Food For The Poor has maintained fundraising and administrative costs of less than 5% of its expenses. More than 95% of all donations go directly to programs that help the poor. And you can choose where your donations go, giving you the option to provide support for a specific area of need you are most passionate about, such as housing, safe drinking water, food, medical care, and more.

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Did You Know?

  • Haiti’s national sport is soccer, and first competed in the World Cup in 1974.
  • Haiti is the third largest country in the Caribbean, after the Dominican Republic and Cuba, which is the largest.
  • Haiti is the most mountainous nation in the Caribbean.
  • Haiti’s highest peak is the Pic la Selle at 8,793 feet.
  • Nearly 79% of Haiti’s people live in rural areas.
  • Experts claim that it will take decades for Haiti to recover from the January 2010 earthquake. Nearly 75% of the capital needs to be rebuilt from “below zero.”