Smart Controls Improve Radiant Heating Experience

Radiant heating is not only the most comfortable heating method available, it’s also one of the smartest. With the help of tekmar Control Systems, we can add available options to give your radiant heating system the support it needs to learn how to perform at its very best, grant you access to it from anywhere in the world, and report system data.

The tekmarNet®2 House Control 402 takes radiant heating system performance to the next level by learning how fast your system warms up and by using Outdoor Temperature Reset and Indoor Temperature Feedback . The smart heating module reads all incoming information from thermostats and outdoor temperature sensors, responding accordingly, and ultimately reducing the operating cost of the radiant heating system.

Indoor Temperature Feedback adjusts the boiler based on actual indoor building temperatures. This adjustment for heat loss and heat gains caused by people, appliances, the sun, wind, or any other factor provides a much higher level of comfort and efficiency.

The Outdoor Temperature Reset gathers information from an outdoor temperature sensor, adjusting the temperature of the hot water produced by the boiler. It saves energy by adjusting a boiler’s operating temperature (the temperature of the water it is supplying) according to the current outdoor temperature. The smart control consistently takes the inside and outside temperatures into consideration when calling for heat.

Additional features include a Warm Weather Shut Down setting and Zone Synchronization, which allows you to set zones by priority, reducing the amount of boiler calls and preventing it from going on and off. Thermostats from different zones share information via a network, balancing the various calls for heat depending on what the system has learned about how quickly rooms heat up and cool off. Coordinating calls for heat minimizes the number of times a boiler fires up, incurring greater efficiencies.

Add the tekmarNet® Gateway 483 and you can access and control your system from anywhere in the world, at any time through the internet via a smartphone or computer. Contractors, building managers, and home owners can have the ability to remotely access tekmarNet® compatible controls through a computer web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. Temperature adjustment, scheduling, and monitoring of each thermostat is made simple by allowing the installer to name each thermostat and create groups of thermostats into common areas within the building. Users can select to have scheduled status reports and system alerts emailed automatically.

Both the tekmarNet®2 House Control 402 and Gateway 483 come with a limited 3-year warranty. They can also be used with radiators and baseboard heat. Learn more about tekmar Control Systems at

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The tekmar Experience by Steve Maxwell

Reporter Steve Maxwell recently published a story in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper about his personal experience with a tekmar House Control installed in his home on Manitoulin Island in Canada. See what he thinks about it below.

“For the first day after I installed the tekmar system in my own home, room temperature overshot the thermostat set point by 2 C or 3 C, as is often the case with conventional thermostats controlling hot water heating systems. But over a period of a day or two, after the smart system gathered information about how fast particular rooms heated up and cooled off given various outdoor air temperatures, surprising things began to happen. It wasn’t long before room temperatures became amazingly stable, regardless of outdoor conditions.

It’s now typical for temperatures to remain within a 0.5 C range, even in the spring as outdoor temperatures rise significantly higher over the course of a few hours after sunrise. No overheating means more comfort and less wasted heat. It’s impressive to see how smart hydronic heating controls operate in the real world, and to think about the level of intelligence embodied in the circuit boards and algorithms of these systems.

Just don’t get the mistaken impression that all this sophistication is for people obsessed with technology. Living with it is super simple, and it’s really for anyone who likes to save money and enjoy an exceptionally comfortable home. And isn’t that all of us?”

Read Steve’s full story titled House Works: Smart heating control system listens to your home by clicking HERE.