Rapid Response Time with Infloorboard III

The next generation of hydronic radiant heating installation methods is here, with the release of our new product, Infloorboard III, now available. The low-profile, lightweight 2-panel system was designed with the installer and end-user in mind, with more efficiency and responsiveness, and is compatible with standard construction practices. It is ideal for new construction and remodeling alike.

No other product offers this combination of performance, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness. “This is our premier thermal mass product for hydronic radiant heating applications with existing concrete slabs or where gypcrete (Therma-Floor) cannot be used,” said Michael Willburn, President of Infloor Heating Systems.

Each panel is constructed of a dense composite plywood board, ¾” thick, which is grooved and then laminated with a substantial top layer of highly conductive aluminum to efficiently disperse and transfer heat away from the groove to the surface area of the whole board. Aluminum is approximately 1000 times more conductive than wood. The layer of aluminum significantly enhances both the transfer of heat and evenness of heat distribution of the board. The thin profile and metal layer contribute to the superior acceleration and deceleration of heat.

“This product was engineered to have a rapid response time, which is a big benefit for those who live in a climate with dramatic temperature changes,” said Michael.

Non-structural Infloorboard III is designed specifically for subfloor applications. Panels are typically glued and screwed, or stapled to a wood subfloor. Then BPEX tubing, which will carry warm water, is snapped into the pre-fabricated grooves by “walking” the tubing into place. Heat is transferred from the tubing to the aluminum and the board. It contains just enough thermal mass to be effective, but not so much that it is difficult to control. The system works well with setback and programmable thermostats for maximum energy efficiency and ease of use.

Hydronic radiant heating is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat your home or building, with numerous construction benefits and unsurpassed flexibility in zoning. While only adding 3/4” to the existing floor height, Infloorboard III provides a superior performing radiant heating system made easy because only two types of pieces are required for installation. It also provides a quality flat surface for floor covering assemblies, and is approved for use with hardwood, engineered wood, tile/stone, carpet, vinyl/resilient flooring, and laminate.

Infloorboard III was created with the environment in mind. The plywood is FSC certified, which means it is manufactured from sustainably managed trees. The glue for the aluminum is a water-based adhesive, the aluminum layer contains recycled aluminum, and the aluminum layer is a positive barrier to out-gassing of formaldehyde.

Now’s your chance to work with this great product, which is available for purchase. Infloorboard III is an evolution of Infloorboard II, which will be discontinued. Our first project with Infloorboard III is currently underway in Buena Vista, CO. Stay tuned for a project showcase on this stunning new home in the mountains boasting this new radiant heating technology.

We offer a total of six different installation methods for hydronic radiant heating, designed for the various needs and requirements of each project. Explore your options and find the right one for your project by visiting our website at www.infloor.com/products/hydronic-systems. We are available to answer any questions you may have.