New Staple Gun Makes Installation Easier

We are thrilled to be offering a new staple gun for installing hydronic radiant heating systems. The improved design makes installation quicker, easier, and with less strain on your back. With the new walking stick extension (sold separately), crawling along the floor to staple down tubing is a thing of the past. Our new staple gun is exactly the upgraded tool you’ve been looking for.

Changes to the staple gun:

  • Set up for 3/8” and 1/2” tubing
  • No more back aches – walking stick option available, which allows you to stand upright and walk during the stapling process
  • Staples can be ordered in two different quantities (1,660 & 10,000) to accommodate small and large projects
  • Designed specifically for radiant tubing installation

The new staple gun is for hydronic radiant heating installation only. It requires Semco staples, which can now be ordered in two different quantities, accommodating small and large projects. (Please note the paslode staples used in the old staple gun cannot be used with the new model.) When using our LoopCad program, these items will be automatically selected based on your project design. The new staple gun is available now for purchase. Contact us to order your new and improved staple gun today!

New Part Numbers:

#26093 – Staple Gun

#26094 – Walking Stick Extension

#26095 – Staples in 1,660 quantity

#26096 – Staples in 10,000 quantity