New Manufactures Representative: C.E. Ray Company

We are happy to welcome C.E. Ray Company as our newest representative. From Carmel, IN, just north of Indianapolis, C.E. Ray Company will be representing and marketing Infloor to their region covering Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Southern Illinois, and portions of West Virginia. Like Infloor, C.E. Ray Co. is family-owned and operated, with decades of experience. We are thrilled to be working with such a great team of people and company.

“We have 44 years of experience marketing Overhead Radiant Tube Heating Systems,” said Chuck Ray, Founder and President of C.E. Ray Company. They have earned a distinguished reputation by specializing in design and product supply for high-efficiency commercial heating and ventilating for both new and retrofit projects, especially with high-bay structures.

Infloor radiant heating is new to their range of services. C.E. Ray Co. is focusing on radiant overall, overhead and infloor. “It’s a growing piece of the marketplace,” said Chuck. “We are interested in expanding into areas with a wider range of applications, such as residential, low-bay buildings, and places with dust concerns,” he shared.

Chuck has a long history in the industry, which he shared with us. “I established C.E. Ray Company in 1966 as a rep. in the HVAC industry, marketing through a network of heating equipment distributors in Indiana & Kentucky. Initially, I sold residential products on a commission basis. But our company evolved to buy-sell equipment lines, which involved custom design applications for the equipment we represented,” he said.

“In 1987, our older son, Andy, joined the company. A year later, our younger son, Steve, joined our group. We all work hard to provide our loyal network of distributor customers with an effective service of customized design and the preparation of customized project presentation materials. These comprehensive ‘packages’ of presentation materials directly support our contractors to win orders in an always competitive market,” he shared.

“A high percentage of this market is design & build,” he continued. “Sales are initiated by contractors, who turn to the primary distributors for project assistance. In turn, our network distributors provide basic project information to our office for processing. We provide the design (equipment layout) and the customized project presentation materials for the contractor. We have found that commercial building owners typically choose the contractors’ bids consisting of the best sales supporting presentation package,” he said.

To enhance the quality of their presentation materials, they created and patented a software called Infra-Spec. Among its unique features, the software projects the Annual Fuel Cost estimate for forced air heating and the Annual Fuel Cost for their radiant equipment. The difference between them is the customer’s Annual Fuel Savings for the high-efficiency radiant heating system.

“Commercial building owners need to know the computer-validated Annual Fuel Savings (as reported in dollars) to make informed buying decisions,” said Chuck. “Contractors, who submit presentation materials without this specific Annual Fuel Savings amount, must rely of either (1) a range of percentage savings or (2) a range of years for some vague “pay back” cycle. Any Infra-Spec presentation is much stronger and effective for the bidding contractor.”

Upon request, Infra-Spec can also calculate the amount of CO2 Reduction of over-head radiant heating compared to forced air heating. This value is usually reported in tons per year. Commercial building owners with a corporate image of good environmental stewardship are often eager to report this type of conservation data.

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