Never Shovel Snow Again

Imagine waking up early on a winter weekday morning. It has been snowing all night, and you have a busy day ahead. But you’re not thinking about shoveling, you’re thinking about the delicious coffee brewing at that very moment thanks to a programmable coffeemaker. You have added peace of mind knowing your driveway and walkways and parking lot at work are already clear of snow and ice, thanks to another programmable piece of technology, an Infloor Snowmelt System.

The US Climate Data reports that our hometown of Buena Vista, CO receives an annual average snowfall of 41” per year. Snow and ice are a regular part of winter life in the Rocky Mountains, and all throughout the northern hemisphere. While it can be scenic and entertaining, it can also be dangerous and challenging to move around. It is particularly essential for businesses to keep the pavement they regularly use clear of snow and ice.

Never shovel snow again and always ensure people arrive to snow and ice-free parking lot and entrance way with an Infloor Snowmelt System. No more plowing, which can damage the pavement, or the costs that go along with it, no more chemicals contaminating the environment, and no more extra space needed to pile snow.


These energy-efficient systems are available in hydronic (recommended for large areas), and heavy-duty electric cable (for smaller areas). Hydronic systems are most popular and work by circulating a warm water/glycol mixture through flexible PEX tubing embedded in the ground. The systems are easy to install with concrete, asphalt, pavers, or decorative stone, and are very low maintenance.

Snowmelt Systems can be effectively used in any exterior area, including stairs, sidewalks, driveways, patios, parking lots, parking ramps, loading docks, building entrances, wheelchair access ramps, hospital emergency entrances, and even helipads on building tops. It is also ideal for steep inclines, and North facing areas that don’t receive much sun. Almost any area that accumulates snow or ice can benefit from an Infloor Snowmelt System.

While there are many different control configurations for snow & ice melt systems, they are generally automated. We recommend using an indoor/outdoor reset control, which has a sensor installed in the surface of the heated area that monitors both temperature and moisture. Therefore, the system only runs when needed. It prevents the system from running when the weather is cold but no snow or ice is present or there is moisture but the weather is warm enough to prevent freezing. These types of controls are considered weather responsive controls that are used with on demand systems.

Get more joy out of winter with an Infloor Snowmelt System

  • Never shovel or de-ice again
  • Increased safety
  • Added peace of mind
  • Reduced liability
  • No extra piled up snow
  • Protect outdoor surfaces from being scratched and gouged
  • No chemicals put into the environment

Never shovel snow again with an Infloor Snowmelt System. We make radiant heating simple.