Featured Product: Zone Valve Control Box

Easily manage multiple zones of a hydronic radiant heating system with a Zone Valve Control Box. Available in 4-zone (#30063) and 6-zone (#30064) versions, they provide for unlimited zone expansion, while simplifying the field wiring. The contractor-friendly Printed Circuit Board eliminates the problem caused by incorrect wiring and saves hours of installation time.

Field selectable priority with Priority Protection Timer ensures other zones get heat every one hour and prevents freeze-ups in the event of a priority zone failure. When zone 1 priority switch is set to ON, zone 1 (domestic hot water zone) has priority control over zone 2 to 6 (heating zones). If zone 1 is calling for heat, zone valves 2 to 6 are disabled until zone 1 domestic hot water demand is satisfied. When zone 1 priority switch is set to OFF (factory setting), all zones operate independently of each other.

When zone 1 priority switch is set to TIMER (Priority Protection Timer mode), if the priority zone calls for domestic hot water for more than one hour (In case of a priority zone failure such as a faulty indirect water heater controller keeps calling for heat or leaking situation), all the heating zones (2 to 6) are released from locking out and they are returned to normal operation. This feature helps prevent freeze-ups in the event of zone 1 failure. Once the priority zone 1 is satisfied, the priority timer is reset to allow priority for another one hour.

There is also an End Switch Delay Timer that lets the two wire type zone valves fully open before turning on the circulator. The panel provides EZ screwless 24-volt terminal blocks for connections to the thermostats and zone valves. Additionally, LED indicators on the front panel provide functional status and easy troubleshooting. Learn more about it HERE. View the installation guide HERE.

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  • Unlimited zone expansion
  • Front panel indicator lights
  • Field selectable priority
  • Priority timer for protection of a priority zone malfunction and prevention of freeze-ups in the heating zones
  • Three-minute End Switch Delay Timer for two wire type zone valve applications. Circulator will start only after the zone valve is fully opened
  • DIP switch for easy setup of two wire type zone valve applications. No need to hook up wire jumper on the third and fourth terminals on each zone
  • Works with two, three, or four wire type zone valves and thermostats
  • Compact and modern design
  • Fuse protection
  • Pre-wired terminals for circulator
  • SPDT Priority zone relay switch (N/O Com N/C). Capable of prioritizing DHW pump in a 2-pump system
  • 50VA replaceable transformer
  • Simplified wiring
  • Contractor friendly PCB layout
  • Easy-connect screwless terminals
  • 24VAC transformer output with common terminal provides compatibility with electronic thermostats
  • Universal thermostat compatibility
  • 100% Factory tested
  • Extended three year warranty