LoopCAD 2014 Upgraded to Include Manual J Support

LoopCAD 2014 has been released, which is now available with full Manual J support. LoopCAD now offers residential heating and cooling load calculations, in addition to the radiant and snow melt design features you have come to rely on. The new edition is easy-to-use, powerful and complete, with essential features like AED calculations and graphs, automatic October cooling load analysis, and Manual J-compliant submittal reports.

LoopCAD is ACCA-Approved for Manual J residential heating and cooling load calculations. The Professional MJ8 Editions of these programs have been specifically designed for the newest Manual J Standard (8th Edition, Version 2.1) and have undergone rigorous testing and review to ensure compliance and to attain the ACCA-Approved status.

LoopCAD is the premiere software for the fast creation of professional quality circuit layout drawings for radiant heating systems. The all-new LoopCAD 2014 offers advanced design features including integrated heating and cooling load calculations, detailed hydronic calculations, snowmelt design, 3D CAD views, and compatibility with Infloor OEM design methods and materials.

  • LoopCAD’s automated circuit generation is up to 8X faster than earlier versions.
  • Custom tables can be added directly to the drawings and customized to show the design data you want.
  • Downward losses or back losses can be auto-calculated, or can be specified as a % of the upward load.
  • Vaulted or cathedral ceilings can be modeled in LoopCAD by adjusting the wall heights and overriding the exposed ceiling areas.
  • 3D CAD views help you to visually verify the sizes and positioning for walls, windows, and doors.

Learn more about the features and capabilities by clicking HERE.