Introducing InfloorPERT Tubing

We are thrilled to unveil the newest item to be added to the Infloor product line, InfloorPERT Tubing. Our new tubing boasts flexibility, durability, has a proven 30-year track record, and comes with a comprehensive 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is perfect for residential heating, commercial heating, and snowmelt applications. It will officially be available for purchase in April.

InfloorPERT (polyethylene raised temperature; PE-RT) tubing is constructed with five layers of material, giving it significant strength. The core and outermost layer are PE-RT, and sandwiched in the middle is an integral ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) oxygen barrier. The five-layer tubing is more flexible and easier to install than other piping materials used in hydronic radiant heating, cooling, snowmelt, and distribution piping applications.


PE-RT has been used successfully for nearly 30 years in radiant heating applications, and now commands about 25% market share in Western Europe.

InfloorPERT is manufactured with Dowlex™ 2344, which offers high temperature resistance and long life without cross-linking. The tubing has ratings up to 180°F (82°C) at 80 psi, and the EVOH barrier limits oxygen diffusion through the walls of the tubing to less than 0.10/m3/day at 104°F (40°C) water temperature.

Choose from a variety of tube sizes that best suit your project, ranging from 3/8” up to 1” with a bend ranges of 2.5” to 5.6” and are available in a different coil lengths from 300’ to 1,200’.


InfloorPERT uses the same fast and reliable connection systems that have been used with PEX for years, including CinchClamps™ stainless steel connectors, CrimpRings™ precision-formed, ductile copper connectors, and T-20 compression fittings.

The recyclable InfloorPERT tubing is certified to ASTM F2623 for PE-RT SDR 9 Tubing by NSF and CSA. This standard includes requirements and testing methods for materials, workmanship, dimensions, sustained hydrostatic pressure strength, and bend strength. InfloorPERT meets or exceeds these standards.

Contact us or your manufacturer’s representative to learn more and place your order. The more you order, the more you save. Now’s the time to stock your shelves with InfloorPERT and include it into your next project designs. Get started today!