Infloor Registered Trademarks Make International News

We recently found our name in an international publication from Germany. The news about Infloor Heating Systems® and InfloorPERT® being granted the status as Registered Trademarks in the United States made its way to Germany where KWD-globalpipe shared the story.  KWD-globalpipe is an international weekly newsletter with news about products, companies, and materials in the field of plastic pipes and fittings, published by HIX Publishing. The publishing house began in 1986 when Winfried Hamich (1938 – 2009) set up an information service with the aim of collecting and supplying market data about plastic material in buildings. Today HIX Publishing issues various newsletters ad market reports regularly.

Range of KWD Market reports about pipes and fittings in heating & plumbing systems:

  • Consumption of pipes & fittings (plastic and metal) for heating & plumbing systems in Europe
  • Production output of inflexible pipes (PP-R and PVC-C pipes) for heating & plumbing systems worldwide
  • Production output of flexible pipes (PEX, PE-RT, PB and aluminium composite pipes) for heating & plumbing systems worldwide
  • Fittings and pipe connections, situation and trends for heating & plumbing pipe systems in Europe

A special Thank You to HIX Publishing for sharing this great news with the global market. See the full newsletter here: glob 2017-638.