Infloor Talks to Reeves Journal about Electric Cable

Standard Cable

“Electric cable systems work as well or better than a hydronic system when remodeling projects come into play, such as when you are replacing the tile in an existing bathroom on a concrete slab, where there is no room for the mechanical system required for a hydronic system or the floor height to install a typical hydronic radiant floor system,” said Michael Willburn. “Other examples might be where the project requires more of a cooling load than heating and the customer only wants warm floors in specific areas of their house.”


Infloor President Michael Willburn recently talked with Allison Deerr of Reeves Journal about some of the benefits of choosing Electric Cable radiant heating versus a hydronic system. “Electric cable is still a great product for small spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. It also is a great choice for anywhere tile, marble and stone surfaces are used,” Michael said.

The article also features quotes from other great companies, such as Watts Water Technologies, and Heatizon. Electric cable radiant heating has traditionally been the choice for small spaces like bathrooms or single-room projects. However, demand continues to increase as more people shop for comfort.

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