Infloor Spotlighted as Notable Publisher’s Pick

A special thank you to ACHR News for choosing our custom mechanical boards as the “Notable Publisher’s Pick” in the latest issue of The NEWS magazine (week of Sept. 22). We appreciate the support and help in getting the word out about these time saving solutions to installing hydronic radiant heating systems. Never pipe or wire a mechanical room again with our custom mechanical boards, saving you time and money. Each board is custom made, accommodating an unlimited number of zones and multiple temperatures. Simply attach the board to the wall and connect the supply and return pipes to the remote manifolds and heat source, and wire the thermostat.

About Infloor Custom Mechanical Boards

Our custom mechanical board runs two different temperatures, handling five zones of radiant heating and one zone of baseboard heating. We included an indoor/outdoor reset control, which takes the outdoor temperature into consideration to determine the water temperature needed in the system. It adjusts the temperature of the water needed to maintain the indoor temperature based on the outside temperature. This increases the energy efficiency, ensuring peak performance. Magnetic drive pumps were also included using up to 80% less electricity and senses pressure in the system to adjust the flow rate based on the number of zones calling for hot water.

About ACHR News

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