Get to Know Infloor Heating Systems

Infloor Heating Systems is a pioneer in the radiant heating industry, designing and manufacturing systems since 1984. We take great pride in offering premium, innovative systems and products that help people live more comfortably and healthy, while saving them money through reduced energy use. Our years of experience has taught us about what works best and how to dial in a system to perfection.

All the leaders in the company have first-hand experience designing and installing radiant heating systems. Our company’s President, Michael Wilburn, spent the first 20 years of his career designing and installing radiant heating systems for Infloor, before becoming President in 2008, with his specialty being hydronic and solar thermal radiant heating. Our Chief Financial Officer, Cathy Naffziger, has many years of experience installing electric cable radiant heating and is our resident authority on the topic.

Quality components are at the heart of all our systems. From controls to mixing valves to high-strength PEX tubing, our components are engineered and tested for superior performance. We will design a system to meet your home or office’s specific heating needs, and provide custom installation to assure your system is fine-tuned for maximum efficiency.

Experience superior comfort and energy savings like never before with our radiant heating solutions. We offer a premium line of products and controls you can count on. Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the right product for your project, accommodating any sized or shaped space with just about any floor covering, indoors or out. With Infloor, you can trust you’re working with the best. We specialize in designing systems and floor plans that work best for you, maximizing efficiency and dialing in the comfort.

Our Signature Products – Radiant Heating That Goes Beyond

  • Electric Radiant Heating
  • Hydronic Radiant Heating
  • Snow & Ice Melt Systems
  • Solar Thermal Applications

We are a leader in the radiant heating industry with over three decades of experience. As a company, we have evolved with the industry and forged new frontiers with our unique, innovative designs. Infloor provides the best heating options available today and are committed to providing the best radiant systems possible.

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