The Benefits of Having Infloor Design Your Radiant Heating Project

We are happy to provide an original LoopCAD project design blueprint, specific to your project, with every Infloor Heating System® we provide. We do this because we know that proper planning and installation of our heating systems is paramount to obtaining maximum satisfaction and results that include the correct system function, a long life span, and most importantly, the customer’s positive experience.

Many poor performing heating systems are often the result of improper design due to inaccurate heat loss calculations on a room-by-room basis, which may result in poor performing, undersized or oversized systems. The type of system must be selected based on the level of sophistication and many factors that affect system output such as insulation values, floor coverings, multi-level interaction, floor temperature limitations, heat source type, as well as many other factors that go into the design process. All these conditions are used with the aid of computer simulation to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness of a system. Additionally, most radiant heating systems are integrating into a structure in such a manner that they become a permanent part of the building. It is imperative for accuracy and clarity that a proper design be established prior to installation.

Advantages to having a system designed by Infloor Heating Systems are:
● Consultation on advantages/disadvantages of different systems
● Experience with integrating all types of systems such as solar, geothermal, pool, etc.
● Insuring compatibility of different floor coverings to the system type and space heating needs
● Experienced recommendations on zoning
● Strategic layout of manifolds and tubing based on construction type
● Proper specification of heat source and components to fit construction type
● A record set for the owner and future owners
● Clients can get “apples to apples” bids from prospective installation contractors
● A properly engineered system can save money, time, and headaches
● A system design that best matches the construction type and provides strategic zone control

Our custom-made, pre-pipped, pre-wired mechanical boards drastically reduces the complexity and installation time.

Benefits to the Owner:
As an owner, having Infloor Heating Systems design a system that matches the construction type, you will have peace of mind of having a system work perfectly and with the desired functionality in your new or retrofit application. Infloor works with the client to provide all the options including advantages/disadvantages on various type of systems and will work to match a system that best matches the construction type. With Infloor’s expertise, options on different heat sources and controls is presented to allow the customer to make good decisions on their comfort system. When it comes time for installation of a system, using an Infloor LoopCAD layout, the owner can get “apples to apples” bids from prospective installation contractors. As a properly designed and installed radiant heating system adds value to the home, an Infloor plan provides a permanent record of the system for resale or for future renovations. With an Infloor designed system, owners can rest easy knowing they will have the most comfortable heating system that can be provided at their budget.

Benefits to the Architect or Designer:
As is often required by building departments, an Infloor LoopCAD layout may be used as a complete mechanical system that can be incorporated into submittal plans. A “complete heating system design” may be used as a selling feature to clients. Having worked on thousands of different types of construction, Infloor can offer expert advice for the integration of the mechanical system into the design as well as advice on which type of system is best suited for different types of construction. Infloor may provide information on integration of the system into the building controls if applicable. Consultation is available on how systems will work with different floor coverings, ceiling heights, window configurations and multi-level, multi-zoned homes and buildings.

Benefits to the Installer:
With a complete Infloor LoopCAD layout design, the installation contractor can quickly get material takeoffs for bids. All components including distribution piping are already sized including exact circuit lengths. Infloor provides balancing data for all circuits in a clear concise table. Spend less time fumbling with design aspects and more time getting systems installed. Infloor plans are a good selling feature when speaking to prospective clients as having “plans engineered to ensure proper operation.” With a plan the client will know exactly what they are getting prior to work, which saves time for you and the client in the long run. You will also be providing the owner with a clear, permanent record of the system.

We make radiant heating simple by providing a LoopCAD blueprint for your project making installing quicker, easier, and much less stressful.

The Infloor LoopCAD Design Advantage:
As a national leader and independent source of design and consultation, Infloor Heating Systems works with homeowners, architects, installation contractors, distributors, and manufacturers to design custom or production radiant heating systems for a variety of both residential and commercial buildings. With over 30 years of experience in the radiant industry and having designed thousands of systems throughout the U.S., Infloor has the experience and knowledge to design a perfect operating system that best matches the type of construction.

An Infloor LoopCAD Design – What you get:
1. Full size sheets showing the plan view of tubing layout including locations of manifolds, heat source, and components.
2. System balancing data – computer simulation report that summarizes zones, flows, water temperatures, tube lengths which allows the installer to properly bid, install and balance the system for optimal performance.
3. Complete component schematic including specifications on heat sources, pumps, valves, manifolds, expansion tank, etc. and sizing of distribution piping.
4. Installation notes and details.
5. System controls page providing controls schemes.

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