The Eco-Friendly Side of Infloor Radiant Heating

Infloor radiant heating is a healthier way of living… for us and the planet. Our low energy heating solutions are ideal for use with renewable energy sources and helps reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. It is the most energy-efficient heating method available, operating at lower temperatures, enabling optimal efficiency of the heat sources too. The U.S. Dept. of Energy reports that radiant systems can cut heating costs by 25% to 50%.

Solar Thermal


Solar thermal power provides a clean, economical alternative to natural gas, electric, oil, and propane water heaters, and is a perfect way to reduce your heating costs and dependence on fossil fuels. Radiant heating is the preferred heating method to use with solar thermal energy, and work well together. Solar thermal power offers a variety of benefits. It can reduce your water heating bills by 50% to 75%, diminish harmful CO2 gasses, and increase the resale value of your home or business. We choose the highest grade components to ensure that your system not only performs, but endures both time and the extreme conditions to which they are exposed. These systems may also eligible for a 30% tax credit.


Heat stored in the ground can be used as a fuel source harnessed through geothermal heat pumps. Through pipes buried in the ground, heat from the earth is transferred to a home or business in the winter, and then reverse the process in the summer by pulling heat from the home or business and releasing it into the cooler ground during the warmer months. The result is the most comfortable living environment imaginable that is both eco-friendly and provides substantial cost savings on utility bills. It’s an all-around win. This may also be eligible for tax credits and rebates.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Many of our products are also made from environmentally-friendly materials. For example, Infloorboard III is made of FSC certified plywood, which comes from sustainably managed trees, the glue for the aluminum is a water-based adhesive, the aluminum layer contains recycled aluminum, and the aluminum layer is a positive barrier to out-gassing of formaldehyde.

More Benefits

At the same time, radiant heating also offers the best comfort, and can even be used for cooling. The entire system is invisible, which gives you freedom for any kind of architectural style, and helps occupants breathe easier by eliminating airborne dust and allergens, creating cleaner air for all to enjoy. And the benefits don’t stop there… Learn more about the benefits of radiant heating.