Breathe Easier at Home with Radiant Heating

April showers bring May flowers… and allergy season. If you struggling with allergies, radiant heating could be worthwhile alternative to heating your home, helping you breathe easier there.

Allergy sufferers know that forced-air heating can make their symptoms worse, because it moves air through your home to regulate the temperature. And it’s not just air it’s moving. They also blow around a good deal of dust, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens through your home.

Radiant heating is a much cleaner operation. The heat transfers through the floor, warming everything around it including people, objects, and the air. With no air being pushed through the house it greatly reduces the amount of allergens being circulated in the air.

This is the preferred heating method where cleanliness is vital, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and daycare centers. Radiant heating is also economical, and creates a comfortable atmosphere that doesn’t have cold or hot spots. Plus, you’ll love having warm floors!