Infloor Brass Manifolds Mean Business

Quality controls are at the heart of every Infloor heating system. We offer a complete line of brass manifolds for hydronic radiant heating and snowmelt applications, giving you a lot of flexibility in how a system can be designed and implemented. Our high quality brass manifolds come completely assembled, in the USA, on a mounting bracket making installation quicker and easier, and includes a 2-year limited warranty. The supply (red) and return (blue) handles are color coded for easy identification.

Our brass manifolds can accommodate fittings for PEX or PEX-AL-PEX tubing sized from 3/8” up to 3/4” of an inch. These fittings utilize several features that give them a superior seal to most products on the market. The shape of the internal fitting creates an effect when fluid passes through it. This lowers the pressure loss through the fitting by 20% when compared to similar fittings. All seals are made from EPDM rubber to insure the longevity of the seal. The stainless steel used in the unit is all polished to help eliminate the buildup of scaling on the surfaces.

The brass manifold is designed so that the tubing passes easily down from the manifold into the floor. The return manifold is offset forward about an inch to allow the tubes to pass without interference from the supply manifold. There are also slots to allow the tubing to easily pass.

There is an automatic air vent on both the supply and return manifold to make sure all air is purged from the system. The manifolds are designed to be installed above the floor to allow the air vents to function properly. There is a safety cap on top of the air vent that can be opened (to allow air out), or closed to turn this feature off.

For the most accurate measurement of flow going to individual loops, we recommend incorporating a flow meter.  The flow meter attaches to the return manifold and then the return tubing attaches to it. We offer three different types of flow meters; ¼ – 1 gpm, ½ – 2 gpm, and 1 – 4 gpm. They can be easily serviced and cleaned.


Take the guess work out of the process by using our design software, LoopCAD. It will automatically select the correct flow meter for your project, and tell the installer where to set micro-metric balancing valves on the supply side of the brass manifolds. It also helps you set the correct flow rate per loop to match the design of the system.

Individual loops within a manifold can be activated using the manifold actuators. These parts replace the shutoff valve on the return manifold. It is easy to tell if the actuator is on and fluid is flowing through the zone by the ring on the top that shows a green band when this happens. They can also be actuated manually by simply twisting the top until the hand symbol is above the arrow on the bottom. They are available with or without an end switch.

We also offer a pre-packaged kit for pressurizing the tubing and making certain that it will hold pressure before laying down the flooring material over the tubing. Two sizes are available, one each for the 1” and 1 ¼” manifold connections.

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Cabinets are available for the manifolds to go into in the wall, providing a cleaner installation and easy access to the manifolds. The access panel can be painted the same color as the wall to further blend in with the environment. Cabinets are available in several different lengths to accommodate manifolds with different numbers of loops. Learn more about Infloor brass manifolds and the installation process HERE.