Advantages of an Infloor Heating System®

We are proud to offer radiant heating solutions designed to improve your everyday living and comfort. There are many benefits to Infloor radiant heating. It is energy-efficient, reducing gas and electric bills, eliminates duct work and duct heat losses, creates a quieter home, is a healthier way of living for those with allergies, and provides greater energy management options with zoning. It is a superior heating method that easily adapts to even further ‘green living’ sustainability with solar and geothermal options available for increased savings.

Nearly everyone now agrees that a radiant heating system is the world’s most comfortable heating option that makes floors wonderfully warm. Hydronic heating systems save energy and lower fuel bills because radiant heat feels more comfortable at lower air temperatures, enabling you to lower the thermostat. In addition, it is more efficient than other systems because it uses relatively low water temperatures to heat your home. In effect, the entire floor is a radiator, so it doesn’t have to be as hot as conventional radiators, and boilers can heat water to lower temps more efficiently.


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